Canva - A Free Online photo and logo maker.

A step-by-step guide to make logo or designing from scratch

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You’ve got the vision, and Canva is here to bring it to life.

Before we go deep into Photo editing part with Canva,
let's create a Free account first from here.

    Canva signup

  • If you already are a member, simply Login using
    your credentials or any oauth like Google, Facebook, etc.

  • If you are new, Click on Signup at the bottom,
    nest to New to Canva?( as seen in the picture above), and fill your details,
    or simply use any ouath like Google, Facebook for signing up.

  • Canva Homepage

  • Now you can simply start creating your images with this photo editor.

  • With Canva, you can create:

    • Videos

    • Youtube Channel Art

    • Youtube Thumbnail

    • Facebook Post

    • Pinterest Pin

    • Facebook Story

    • Instagram Story

    • Facebook Cover

    • Canva Logo maker

    • Presentation

    • Instagram Post

    • Flyer

    • Infografic

    • Resume

    • Your Story

    • A4 Document

    • Canva Pro has further more features

  • Now, Let's start creating one:

    • After successfully Logging In or Signing Up,
      you'll end up in your Canva Homepage.

    • I hope, at this stage you have already decided what
      you are planning to design from the above categories.
      Let's say you want to design Youtube Thumbnail(YTT), for example.

    • For that, from your Canva Homepageclick on Create a Design
      which is at the top right of the Homepage in purple color.

    • Canva Navbar

    • In the drop down list, select the item which you want to design,
      here in our case, we will selectYTT

    • Canva Menu select

    • As soon as you select your item, it will redirect you to Canva design page.
      There you can see designing menu like - Templates, Elements, Text, etc.

    • Canva Design Menu

    • The part of Canva is it shows items related to the asset we selected.
      Like here we selected YTT,
      so in templates it started giving ideas on famous YTTs.

    • Select your desired template from the showm templates, or simply type the keyword of your
      template which you want to make, Canva will start showing you related to that.

    • Once you have selected your template, simply double click on it,
      or drag it to the rightside blank page for further designing.

    • Canva Designing Part

    • Once you have placed the template to the editing area,
      you can now select each and every part of the template and edit
      it as per your requirements.

      Like, you can select the image on the
      template and change it to yours, select the text and
      write it what you want, as shown in the picture.

    • Canva Changes image template

    • You can notice in the above image, we can change the entire template with our requirements.

    • You can also use Text, elements to further add some effects in your template.

    • Also, you can change the Final Thumbnail Name at the Center Top and save it for further future use.

    • Once you are done with creating, simply click on Share at the top left corner.

    • Canva Image Share

    • Here comes the next best and my favourite part about Canva,

      as soon as you click on share, there you can see various options of sharing the
      YTT we just created.

      From Canva to Canva sharing, Link restricted Sharing,
      to Social Media sharing and many more, we have soo many options to share, which literally reduces a lot of efforts.

    • Choose the desired way of sharing, and you are now good to go.

    So, just Created, Edited and Shared your first Canva. Congrats!!

    Canva Pro

    Canva provides 80% of the assets and tools free to use,
    easy to use, which you have just seen above.

    Now imagine what all great and extensive features and
    assets you can use with the Canva Pro feauture.

    Once you upgrade to Canva Pro, you will get:

    • 100 Million+ Premium Photos, Videos and Elements.
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